Bad Movies

In early 2004, a time when the country was undergoing rapid and ill-fated development, Kostas and Geom, two 20 year olds with a desire to communicate and break the daily grind, brought about the formation of the Bad Movies.  Two riffs, a few lyrics, lots of alcohol and energy, and the way was paved for the new band who played rock and seethed punk.
Since they already had 5 years under their belts playing together with the group Enochlisi (Disturbance) it wasn’t much of a challenge to get a couple more like minded musicians together for the new bands debut performance at the squat Street Attack.  The lineup was Petros on bass, Teo vocals, Geom guitar and Kostas on the drums.  They began by covering songs by The New York Dolls, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Clash, Social Distortion and Eddie and the Hotrods, as well as their own compositions.
Though the country was basking in mock stability at the time, the foundation began to crumble.  The city of Thessaloniki was masking her wounds, turning a blind eye to the thousands layed off from the industrial zone, and the over zealous law enforcement putting police brutality on the rise.  A dark cloud veiled the city, though the band continued jamming in its basement studio, playing R’n’R.
After multiple appearances, Teo left the band, and the line up reshuffled now with Geom as vocals, and the newest member Kimis on guitar.  In 2007 they went into studio for recording, resulting in 11 tracks of punk rock with English lyrics, influenced by the blues and a timbre alluding to the sounds of The Clash, Woodie Guthrie and Social Distortion. They were recorded at Electric Eye Studio by Christos Dani, and circulated with the help of On Stage Records as the distributing company.
The band toured both internally and abroad, projecting their sound nostalgic of a past era.  Though the lyrics were non-political the members found themselves time and again victims of circumstance, resulting in a reflection of this in their music.  They referred to their experiences through their lyrics, which in some instances were now in Greek leading to an even greater bond with their audience.
They recorded a further five tracks (2 English, 3 Greek) shortly after which Petros left the group, and Bebis stepped into his place.  In 2010 the new material was circulated on the compilation Salonica Rock City with two other local bands, Delirio and Hat-Trick.  With the assistance and support of their friends, this helped shape a more unified rock movement in the city.  Before long they found themselves back in studio recording again which resulted in 9 more tracks (3 Greek, 6 English) and in 2012 they released their second LP.
Their journey continued, they travel the country experiencing new places and meeting new people who support the band, the music, and the movement.

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